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The Stones


A stone that helps strengthen the body, strengthening peace of mind

Strengthening self-confidence and physical resilience

Relieves situations of emotional stress

Black onyx

A soothing stone that helps with inner peace

Helps us connect to our truth and our inner desires and balances yin and yang

Helps relieve fears and stress



A stone that neutralizes anger and negative energies and reduces emotional and physical fears

Helps strengthen our body's defense system. Good for strengthening confidence, strength and courage



A stone that adapts itself to the energies of its user and thus helps him maximize his abilities

Known in history as a stone that was used against the "evil eye", it strengthens the emotional place



A stone that connects to high energy. Connects the physical body and the aura

Strengthens positive thinking. Helps relieve stress and gives general strengthening to the body


A stone that expands the mind and sharpens the senses

Helps to connect to the inner self confidently and in a balanced way even in times of change

Reduces worry and stress


A stone that strengthens authenticity and walk with the inner truth and expression

A notebook for love, acceptance and self-esteem



A stone that calms the mind and strengthens the spiritual understanding

Balances energies and relieves situations of fear and anger


The pearl symbolizes femininity, inner peace, beauty and purity

Helps with self-esteem and self-acceptance



A stone that symbolizes calm and healing removes emotional blockages and unwanted connections

It energetically contains the four elements: fire, earth, water and air

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